Winter Running With the Wolves


Get ready for an epic tale of a fearless young girl, born and raised in the heart of the wilderness by a pack of wolves. With a fiery spirit and a fierce determination to conquer the unknown, she sets out from her den into the vast, uncharted territory of the outside world.

As Winter blazes a trail through untamed landscapes and braves perilous obstacles, she soon finds herself facing her greatest challenge yet: high school. With its maze-like corridors and treacherous social hierarchy, it’s a whole new jungle to navigate. But armed with the lessons she’s learned from her wolf family, Winter is more than ready to take on whatever comes her way.

So hold on tight as Winter embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, battling fierce foes and making powerful allies as she rises to the top of the pack. With her razor-sharp instincts and unbreakable spirit, nothing can stop her from achieving her wildest dreams and proving that she is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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